Thursday, September 08, 2005


This is the story of our current 3.5 D&D campaign, based off my memory and session notes. The game is run by the venerable "whispered one", Max Winter, who happens to be a most excellent DM.

The Characters:
Lady Amina, "Mina" to friends. Narrator. A Grey Elf wizard from a noble family, she is pragmatic, aloof, and sharp as a tack. Just don't ask her to carry anything.

Ibrim the Pious, a mighty Assimar cleric of Kord. Like the god he follows, he is reckless and excitable at times. However, his zeal and generousity know no bounds.

Hargis McFadden, Dwarf rogue extraordinaire. Keep your eye and your hand on your purse when he's around.

Targ, a half-orc barbarian. Targ is very, very strong. Dumb as a box of rocks and uglier than sin, but he's a one-man wrecking team.