Friday, September 09, 2005

Ale & Whores, pt..1

We all decided to stay at The Black Horse, the only decent inn in the Outercity Sprawl of Nyos. While I am accustomed to considerably more opulent surroundings, I thought it would be best for everyone concerned to keep Targ (and probably Hargis, too) as far from high society as possible. We spent the evening getting to know each other better over food and drink. To my amazement, Ibram converted Targ to the worship of Kord in under a minute! I guess those clerics know a sucker, I mean, a good opportunity when they see one. I think I saw Hargis picking some pockets over the course of the evening, but as long as he keeps his hands well away from my purse, I can't say that I mind. If people can't be burdened with vigilance, they shouldn't be burdened with gold, either.

The night passed uneventfully, and the next morning we made our way to Caledo Talius's store as promised. On our way there, we kept hearing talk of huge fire-demons in the market yesterday, a blazing inferno, and four god-like champions who snatched Caledo Talius and half the city from the very jaws of death. It seems our new friend's storytelling improves by the hour.

Caledo was of course thrilled to see us, and took great pride in pointing out to his customers that we were the mighty heros of his tale. Considerable repair had been accomplished overnight, and his shop was largely serviceable. Caledo deals almost exclusively in trade goods, so we stocked up on rope, rations, and the like, and set out to explore the city.

We had scarcely gotten down the street when a large, burly man erupted from a door ahead of us, a screaming half-elf woman slung over his shoulder. We tried to stop the man to question him, but he sprinted off down the street through the crowd. We ran after him, bursting into an open square just in time to see him join his friends and mount a waiting horse. They took off down the avenue, with the screaming woman still in tow.